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Baasic Level Education

Baasic Level Education

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Secondary Level Education

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Not only the Pre-Primary section but the entire school (primary, lower/ higher secondary) aims to help the child’s spontaneous all round development and cultivate the love of learning. Here the children are provided with a conducive and safe environment for learning and exploring. And we know that with this kind of environment and training children can develop a high quality of independence, concentration, co-ordination, patience, order and self-esteem among themselves. In this context we have a dedicated team of individuals who run the Extra co Curricular Activities (ECA) for the children. These activities are designed to support the main content of the curriculum developing children’s creativity and self-esteem. The main co-curricular activities offered in the academy are; Music and Rhymes, Dance and Aerobics, Arts & Crafts, field Trips & Out Door Activities, Dramatic Play Camps, and Tours & Trips.

In order to keep the Shubhakamana Academy abreast with latest international trend we engage proficient individuals of academics, namely Mr. Viejaya Thapa and Ms. Seema Rai Jamir. She is a veteran certified counselor as well as Early childhood Development instructor. She has trained our teachers in the past and is currently monitoring the Pre Primary Section and Montessori education practices.

Similarly, Mr. Thapa is a for mogul of ‘A Level’ of Cambridge university (UK), who has been undertaking research studies on Adolescent children of South Asia in Rural Context from City University, New York (USA). Currently he is offering his services as the Director, facilitating Academic programs for the promotion of Children’s cognitive, physical, social & emotional growth as well as working on the development of pedagogical skills for capacity building of Teachers and ancillary personnel of Shubhakamana Academy.